Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Don't blog from the bog!

A Flushed Tory Candidate is Incommunicado
Iain Dale 2:16 PM

Blogging Tory candidate Tracey Crouch has been "off line" for the last 18 hours having dropped her Blackberry down the lavatory. What is worse - she heard the "splash" but unaware what caused the noise (stop it!), she then flushed the loo, only realising far too late as her precious Blackberry disappeared around the u-bend. She is now back on-line having spent £250 on new machine. Lesson to us all: don't blog from the bog!

LOL. I guess it's a little too addictive.

Hat tip: Iain Dale.

Back with an update later.


Matt in Argyle said...

OUCH! I would hate to have that happen to me. Blackberries are so nice, but very expensive.

The Balunky Journals said...

im back man... how u been? apart from partying?! :-P

W said...


The Vice Buddha said...

Bummer :P