Friday, 20 July 2007

So here I am

My first post ever. Well, not ever, but for this blog, the first one with the goal of getting really up close & personal. Which is new for me, I usually keep my feelings covert.

On the face of things, life looks great. After a two year hiatus, I have returned to uni to complete a Master's degree. I have a good part-time job and I am probably well liked and possibly even admired at the office. I have good friends, like the town I live in and even though I am not very materialistic, I am not missing anything on that front. Yet something is missing, and that's a good relationship, hot sex and all that.

In the past I was too busy to really investigate that side of me. I had personal issues, college and later financial trouble to keep me occupied. I immersed myself in drugs for a while, drank like a fish later on. Worked nights, slept days. The girls I met usually bored me. I won't depress you with the details, but that side of life has now been sorted out. Quit the drugs, cut down on the booze, got my finances sorted out. I can start focusing on the luxuries of life.

Now it's time for me to fill that obvious big, gaping hole in my life, and I intend to report on it right here.

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