Thursday, 22 November 2007


I guess this centennial should be memorable, something special. And I do have something to celebrate.

I have a day off tomorrow and I'm going shopping. Yeah! Later I have the Roisin Murphy concert to go to, and I'm really looking forward to that. But then I have to be back pretty early to do some work on Saturday morning. Yikes.

That's about as exciting as my life is right now. No complaints though, I'm progressing both in my education and professionally, and the Christmas break is not very far away, even though Christmas is dull as ditch water in this country.

Well, after Christmas comes the new year... definitely a time for decadent debauchery. Options are limitless, and that's just in my town. Basically, the country shuts down long enough for a good bender and a significant hangover, and some people blow their body parts to Mars with fireworks.

And there's lots o'kissing. Good.

Well, I'll end the post in style with a random number of "interesting" (ahem) facts about me:

1. I despise avocado.
2. I think the Bush administration would be an improvement on our current government
3. I'm a junky for warm weather, but I still love the winter for skiing
4. I think Eva Green is hot
5. And I love the newish Bond movie
6. I can't stand PSV Eindhoven, even though I love the town
7. And consequently have a love-hate relationship with Philips products
8. I am ambivalent about Apple, though I love my iPod
9. My taste in music is totally gay. I'm a sucker for Diva House
10. And I kinda like Madonna. (That's a secret)
11. I keep on wondering what people think of my sexuality
12. But prefer not to tell people I'm not close to
13. I'm an Alfa Romeo addict and wouldn't buy a non-Italian car
14. Even though I think Mario should work on the electrics
15. I hate the Euro
16. I think the German football team is God's way of having fun at our expense
17. But then remember He also created the English team
18. I think John Edwards is a John Grisham character
19. And Hillary Clinton should go get herself some principles
20. I want to see California
21. Finding lots of facts about me is too much hard work.

1 comment:

K said...

Happy 100th post...hope u have fun at that crazy ho's concert tonight....tell me what she shows up in...I have a feeling it will be hilarious

#1: did not know
#2: We fight over this all the time....I will not get into a row with you over it on your blog
#4: Co-sign....tho, I think the whole 'goth chick' thing is getting tired
#10: Shoulda kept to yourself...LOL!
#13: Have fun at the auto shop 24/7....tho they are quite beautiful (Brera FTW!)
#15: Come to the US...I bet you'll love it then...LOL!
#18: Ur just jealz over the hair
#19: She can suck a dick (but she'll be Prez..get used to it)