Tuesday, 6 November 2007

CSI: Birthday

I'll have to piece this one together from the evidence found at the crime scene the morning after.

Booze: wine bottle, empty; vodka bottle, empty (how did I do that?), condom wrapper (you guessed it).

Fridge: cranberry juice, Coca Cola Zero, both half filled.

Clothes: in a mess, on the floor, smelling of Hugo Boss and smoke.

Puke: negative.

Head: hurting like hell, as were various other body parts.

Objective: college, to work on a project.

Result: drink beer with a Russian and watch Arsenal - Man U instead.

Later: drink beer with said Russian in a PSV pub and watch them lose to Heerenveen (Yeah! Love you crazy Friesians!).

Difficulty: not cheering when Heerenveen score.

Memory: largely gone, remember shaking hands with my boss and having yet another "talk" with lame dumper. Afterwards? A flash of walking down a street, with a boy...

Financial forensics: found EUR 30 in my wallet. Also, three drinks tokens. This implies at least seven beers or a few beers in combination with hard liquor, in addition to the stuff I emptied at home.

Hook up archaeology: hopeless. John Doe, source unknown.

Sex: definitely had some, remember a nice, smooth body. A nice apartment downtown. Cuddling, kissing and bottoming. Ouch.

Contacts: found them wrapped up in some toilet paper in my wallet. Quite an achievement, given the state I was in.

People I talked to: must have been a number. Met a lot of strangers later on who knew all about me.

Conclusion: probably enjoyed myself, should cut down on the booze a little.


K said...

LOL, and I thought I was bad.

Sounds like a crazy, fun time

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Are you going to be pissed and think I'm being a mother hen if I say I worry!


B said...

Sounds like quite the night