Friday, 9 November 2007

Co-worker convos from the closet

[cw1]: It was his birthday last week!
[closet]: How old are you now?
[me]: 28.
[cw1]: Hey, don't hit on him! He's straight! [walks off, laughing]

[Shit! How do I deal with this little situation?]
[closet]: That would be gross man.
[Decide to keep quiet. But it sure would be gross!]

Fast forward, about 24 hours

[cw1]: Heard what I said to [closet] yesterday?
[me]: Yeah. That was harsh man.
[How do I explain how hurtful this was?]
[boss]: He's talking about women a lot lately, but I figure he's gay.
[me]: Oh yeah, no doubt about that.
[boss]: Maybe he's "questioning his sexuality" [makes quotation marks in air]
[me]: No, he's just not ready yet.
[cw1]: Don't want anything to do with those pervs.
[If you only knew... we're great mates]


J.R. said...

Yikes! Definitely some awkward situations... how do you fess up to a buddy in between him unknowingly expressing his distaste for you... Think this is the kinda guy who will come around once he knows his good friend is One of Them?

Nothing Golden Stays

Pete said...

Maybe. The thing is, we've only had flamers on the floor. I don't want to be associated with them, nor do I particularly feel like opening this can of worms.

Matt-CNS said...

sigh, stories that are always depressing, and sadly common. I think that is one of my constant fears is how will friends I know to be homophobic take it when I tell them.