Thursday, 8 November 2007

OK, new policy

No more exchanging of phone numbers unless it's serious.

It appears to be part of hook up etiquette: exchange numbers before walking out the door. This is more of a polite way of saying goodbye than an actual plan to communicate, so I'm planning to be all nonconformist and throw the rule book out the window. Control, not etiquette will be my norm.

You'll get my number if you're planning to dial it. And only if I want you to.

Texting: no problem, same rule applies. And I will spell this out clearly, promise.

E-mail: behave or you'll join the penis extensions in the spam folder.

So friendship, drinks or dinner, or even proposals to have sex: all are OK, but I'm not filling up my address book because that's what you're supposed to do before leaving.

This "one night stand, in your face" attitude will probably go down quite badly, but that's the only way I'll have it. Spell it out boy, I won't led you lead me on.

And choke on your hypocrisy.


Cody said...

Yeah, bitches! Tell 'em Pete.

K said...

Angry much?

LOL, j/k....i'm totally co-signing on this post!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Yeah! Plus what is up with meeting old friends who go all out of their way to get your number, even make a big issue about it and then never call! Screw them to!


W said...

Oh! gay relationships/flings. Very complicated business.