Saturday, 5 January 2008


Well, 2007 was an interesting year, to say the least. I went in sorta straight and came out as a player on the gay strip. Food for Freud.

What's been going through my mind over the last couple of days was the question: how do you improve on this experience? I am honestly clueless. We're still in contact, which is quite a good thing I guess. And I think I really do like him as a person. But he's very young and lives miles away. So not much is going to happen, realistically. Still, it's hard to accept this fact and move on, because any experience after this is likely to be disappointing.

So for the moment I'm chatting and texting away without really chasing and that's it. Not even going out this week.

A really sick thought entered my mind the other day about my local scene. It's the sort of deep insight that hits you at that lucid stage of tipsiness that preludes a good night out. It's a wonderfully insightful feeling, but impossible to maintain for long. Well, this is it:

There are three types of men out there: men you've had, men you won't or can't have and men you're gonna have sometime.

This could have come directly from QaF's Stuart's mouth.

This thought occurred to me earlier on New Year's Eve, before meeting Barbie, as a boy I had been eyeing for weeks suddenly decided to stick his tongue in my mouth. I was halfway through swallowing the last of my beer so a little advance warning would have been nice. Still, I got the oral logistics right and remained cool and collected, which I somehow managed to remain the entire night. But my overall feeling was: this is inevitable, right? I think it's time to broaden my horizon a little.

The idea of a good hotel, champagne and a hot boy have impacted on a different front as well. I should do this more often; the additional glam provides a hell of a kick. Splurge out, enjoy yourself by adding some chic once in a while. It's worth it.

RE: my appearance. This is sort of grating. I have been noticing that I get more attention when I dress less conscientiously. Maybe I'm trying too hard, or maybe it intimidates people. It's a credible expression of high maintenance, which I might well be but don't want to convey. My messed-up hair, old shoes, H&M belt (yes, white, I wanted to be a little camp) and fairly standard discounted Diesel longsleeve work much better than Armani and friends.

Well, the comments to my last post were revealing: there's a future for my highly successful ex-gay programme, with five out of six "cured", including Charlton Heston. ;-) As for my one failure... well, DJ’s spinning up my favorite song, hurry up and get a grove on.

As for Abba - you got me there, Steve. Grumble!


The Balunky Journals said...

ooh yeh, hot nights in hotel rooms with champagne & possibly a hot tub are deffinitly a thumbs up! :)
hopefully my album will be available on iTunes this summer, as for a physical release that depends how the download goes... fingers Xed... glad u like em!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Sadly, for me at this moment there are only two kinds of men. The ones I will be with some day and the ones I never will be with, actually it feels like I will never be with any of them! O_O

Yes little one you must yeild to me over the gay ABBA competition! However don't worry you have opened a world of great dance tracks on YouTube for me and I'm on a total mission to add them to my YT account!

Steven ;)

The Balunky Journals said...

Nothing/Lump In Your Thoat is one of my favs too... its not out yet, but if u give me ur email il send u the mp3 :)