Friday, 18 January 2008

Confessions on a Cell Phone

A little episode from last weekend.

Quick snog on dance floor.

Longer snog in street.

"I want your number," he says.

Hesitantly, I give it to him.

Walk home. Mobile beeps.

Am in the car on the way home, really want to meet you again soon XXX

My reply:

Fine, tell me when it suits you
[I must say I hid my enthusiasm well... NOT. LOL]

This is what I get back:

OK have a headache going to sleep please text tomorrow XXX
[Complaining about headaches? Diva alert...]

But the next day I do decide to text, just for the heck of it (OK, I was bored):

Headache gone? ;-)

Yeah, yeah, was up at three splitting headache and still had to see my bf

Well, fuck you too. Learn to trust your instinct...


K said... are you gonna do?

W said...

Exaclty....what are you gonna do?

Good question K!

eliot said...

oh geez.