Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Wow, wow, wow,...wow!

A couple of days ago I was contacted by a guy from out of town who was planning to spend New Year's Eve over here. Actually, I was contacted by a number of guys but only this one intrigued me.

Read my lips, I'm into you,
I'm into you,
I can't resist,
You're so hot (get me under the shade)
The spotlight's on
You creep into it,
You like it and,
Just the way that you dance,
Just the way that you dance.

We got to chat about partying options over here and I shared my ideas with him. We agreed to share a drink if we bumped into each other, something I was sure would happen.

Yeah, he was a little nelly even for European standards (I know Erik and K will agree) but I have no problem with that.

(Yeah yeah) Is enough to love me baby,
(Yeah yeah yeah) Is enough to send me crazy,
(Yeah yeah) Such angelic motion,
(Yeah yeah yeah) You know you're made in heaven.

So he arrived, and I recognized him immediately. In real life, he was stunning. I wasn't: I was wearing old shoes because of the dirt outside and my hair was a mess, as it had been raining. I introduced myself and we got drinks. And we really hit it off. He was smoking my favourite brand of cigarettes, which really made my heart melt.

The way you walk, the rythmn when you're dancing,
Every inch of you spells out desire,
You're such a rush,(rush)the rush is never ending,
You got it, you're wow wow wow wow,
You got it, you're wow wow wow wow.

Now up to this point, I wasn't seriously contemplating sex: we'd have a couple of drinks, I would show him my town's hot spots and that would be it, partly because I felt rather washed out. He, however, quickly made it abundantly clear he was up for it. We drank, made out and we danced a little, and people were staring.

The more I try, I try to stop,
The more I can feel my antenna just sensing you up,
and what can I do? I'm into you,
I'm into you,
Love the way that you move,
Just love the way that you move.

After about an hour, he wanted to go. How could I refuse? Would I contemplate refusing? Of course not. It turned out he had a room in the best hotel in town, complete with champagne (which we drank) in an ice bucket. The young night guard stared at as as we walked in, amused. There was no deniability with this guy.

He had the most wonderful body I've ever had the pleasure of touching, and let's say I got to enjoy every bit of it.

(Yeah yeah) Such angelic motion,
(Yeah yaeh yeah) you know you're made in heaven.

The way you walk, the rythmn when you're dancing,
Every inch of you spells out desire,
You're such a rush,(rush) the rush is never ending,
You got it, you're wow wow wow wow,
You got it, you're wow wow wow wow.

Those who don't know this track will have their homo membership card revoked, subito! ;-)


W said...

Wow wow wow.... left quite an impression huh?

He was nelly.. hahaha..glad you had a good time. Happy New Year!

JUSTIN said...

Damn, I needed that membership card. Too bad you're going to have to travel to Chicago to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

Congrats on the night with the stud, you stud.

K said...

I dunno this track....and we've already established that I am quite "teh gay".

I dare you to take my card away from me!

Anyways, that boy was really pretty and I am glad you had a great time!

Matt-CNS said...

apparently i too need my membership card revoked. Dammit, I just got it laminated.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

There is a card? No one told me! Crap, well Pete won't let me have one now for sure. Hey Pete lets play name that ABBA tune and see who deserves a gay card or not! ;p


Closeted said...

Damn, I just realize I had the card, you can't take it away now...haha. Sounds like you had a good night.

The Balunky Journals said...

of course i know that song... but im more like a drug like a drung like a drug!
sounds like a nice surprise hot night... well done!
of course il let u know if i play in holland, id love to... if u want u can check out some of my tracks on myspace.com/kaneluke

dit said...

Sounds like a night to remember. Congratulations.

Jonathan said...

"wow." kylie minogue. X.

and no, i did not google the lyrics. there is only one song i know of that goes "wow wow wowwow."