Sunday, 21 October 2007

A Little Run-In with Closet-case Sex

Don't worry. I didn't do anything. Except stare, even though everyone around me thought the situation was perfectly normal. Or did everyone just ignore it out of embarrassment, the way you're supposed to when the queen farts at a state banquet?

The closest place to park your car for free when going to the centre of town is in a posh villa district. This is where the electronics giant that made my city big used to keep it's executives. To get to town, all you need to do is walk through a small park and cross a road.

Now, the park's infamous nationally for a sex scandal that combined the juiciest of everything: football, a betrayed wife, HIV, Moroccan rent boys and outdoor sex. Basically, it's where someone will bend over for you for a couple of bucks. Or so the papers say.

It was early on a Friday night, the sun had just set and there were plenty of people walking through. Innocent people, on their way to pubs or stores, not cruising. I would have walked around the perimeter if the vibe wasn't good.

I see someone I know walking the opposite direction, on his way to his car. We stop, and chat for a while, both agreeing the day had been dreadful.

Suddenly some rustling right in front of me. A kid, around 20 years old, suddenly jumps out of the bushes, still fastening his belt. Nice looking kid too, no need for him to be in a place as sick as this.

And everyone around me behaves as if it's perfectly normal.


K said...

I would have pointed and laughed SO hard!!!

Matt-CNS said...

I don't know about pointing and laughing (well I might have), but honestly it is a little sad no one around you thought it was out of place.

Steve said...

Heh, sex is sex is sex. Does it matter where one gets it? When you boil it down, he's just getting laid like everyone else. Maybe he's too terrified to go to a club, or feels out of place or a million other reason. Not saying he should be picking up Moroccan rentboys in the early evening hours...but sex is sex is sex.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad my life has not ended up being a life full of sex and prayers of wanting my innocence back. Although I aint that pure, I do have a line and that my friend is my line.

I would have just slapped him across the head and mention he deserves better.