Thursday, 11 October 2007

Roisin is a disco goddess!

Hell yeah. Even if she can't dance.

I really really love the "Overpowered" album already, even though I own it for about five minutes. Ha! This is just perfect housy, funky, discoish, making out, groping, love-making, wild screwin' music. It really gets me going.

If this album flops, it just shows the world has no taste any more.

And just for fun, I will add the video to Overpowered.

We have a date in November... she's welcome to sleep over. ;-)


Sooo-this-is-me said...

Funky tune for sure Pete! Just don't hit on her or she might poke you with that hat!


K said...

Who is this girl's stylist..honestly?

First she looks like Cruella DeVille in a dinner in that previous she has on this. LOL...I love that she doesn't give a fuck.

(I got some of her songs off would be so proud of me buddy)

W said...

She kinda looks like Maria Sharapova.

When I am screwing someone, I kinda don't like music in the background, it's nice to be able to hear the guy moaning/groaning/screaming without any distractions.

Just my two cents!

W said...

HAHAHAHA K: You want to order some Prada loafers from Milan for her too.

Maybe she should sit in on the sets of Sex and the City being filmed in your fair city.

Pete said...

K, some famous Brit makes that stuff. The isles of bad taste... joke. ;-)

You should see the Let Me Know cover:

W, Roisin doesn't do Prada!

K said...

My god this woman is on drugs.....

W....I love how u come on other blogs to talk ish about not afraid to take your ass down!