Tuesday, 16 October 2007

My Dirty Little Plan

I have a birthday coming up. Not a happy occasion, for who wants to celebrate an advance in years, after turning 18, that is?

I have, however, decided to give myself a little present. My birthday itself, for reasons political, has in recent years become a scarred date. I'll blog about this event when the time comes, but it's a bit like having your birthday on 9/11. It's on a Friday, which I plan to spend in my home town of Eindhoven.

The Saturday, however, will be special. By decree. No discussion possible. I will be spending it in the town I was born in: Amsterdam.

I have friends there, there are people I could bring along, but I'm not planning to. This is just for me. And whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

So I have been planning a little itinerary. There are no night trains back as yet, that service starts in December (but boy am I glad to get it). So I will have to think of something to get through the hours after closing time, which luckily is at five...

I will probably start at Soho. Probably not my type of place, but still the most famous gay bar in the country. I just have to visit. And I have never been out before in the infamous Reguliersdwarsstraat, so it would be quite an experience just to be there.

Being more of a clubber than a barfly, a club will be up next. I have a choice: Exit, which is large, and is reputed to be full of VIPs, out and closeted. It has a whiff of being faintly gross though. Darkroom on the top floor, no thanks... Still, three other floors, hopefully being fairly normal. I'm not into the shirtless muscle thing, so I hope there will not be too much of that.

The other option is YouII. I have to get over images of Bono and his men in the Discotheque video... Still, this place sounds promising. Audience somewhat younger, hopefully fully dressed as well.

Which would you guys choose?

No, I will not go to the Cockring. ;-)


Matt-CNS said...

hmm you have a difficult choice ahead of you. Enjoy it, no matter which one you choose!

K said...

LOL...I was totally gonna suggest the Cockring until I saw your little edit on the bttm of your post!

Soho looks nice...i dunno, where ever you go you will have a great time.

I wish you were in NYC though...we could have joint B-day parties seeing as tho we share the same date. Perhaps we could pic up so go-go boys for the entertainment?

I am sure that would clear up the situation with my sexuality REAL QUICK!

Pete said...

Are you gonna be back in NYC by then?

Gog-go boy...hmmm... Aussiebum twinks wearing none. Sounds good.

The Cockring is really supremely gross though. The queue in the street, some of the younger ones looking really sheepish, the rather wild fraternity next door and the tourists laughing at the embarrassed gays... no thanks. And it's full of darkrooms and leather bars.

Anonymous said...

I say SoHo... but the most important thing is to leave the house on that day. Dont be such a party pooper.