Monday, 6 August 2007

Cup of Coffee

Back from Spain. It was scorching hot, but well worth it.

On the personal development front: I popped my Starbucks cherry!

I know this makes me sound like someone who's lived on the Ross Ice Shelf for the past ten years. However, due to the most annoying form of corporate stupidity, Starbucks considers the Dutch market (and the Belgian one too - no need to smirk bitches, this time we're both backward) impenetrable. So the only way to get some is to apply for a job at the local Nike headquarters. They have a coffee shop for their employees only (What the fuck? I mean what the fucking fuck?*). Or take a plane from horrible, annoying Schiphol airport: the fucking shop is located in the secure zone.

Sending online petitions doesn't seem to help. Apparently they were looking for a Dutch partner in 2002, but for some reason they gave up. The rumour is that they had a deal with Dutch coffee whore Sara Lee: Sara Lee can keep the Benelux, Starbucks the world. Or something. I should start boycotting Sara Lee and their horrible produce just for that. Unfortunately, they're terribly hard to avoid in this country. Boycotting would probably mean kicking the habit, and I'm not up to that.

So I need to vent. I'm past ranting, I feel like kicking things. I need my shot, preferably of Mango frappucino. Grrr. Thank God Germany is within easy reach.

*PJ O'Rourke quote.

UPDATE: Starbucks have a regional headquarters in Amsterdam and sell stroopwafels. I feel like crying.

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W said...

I've always found it a tad bit amusing how the behemoth that Starbucks is , can't seem to get it right, for whatever reasons, in Belgium.

I have friends who feel Starbucks has gone out of control and hence they boycott it.Silly them! Blueberry Frappucino ain't something to be lightly dismissed or renounced!