Thursday, 30 August 2007


I had a nice chat with my Facebook buddy who is, I guess, once again a friend. And I found out much, much more interesting stuff that occurred after I left that particular school.

My three closest friends from that period all came out.

*Gasp* *Shock* *Joy*

I have gay friends! Mind you, still unlikely club buddies, but one lives in London, so who knows. The idea of Soho appeals to me.

So I came out to my former ex-buddy (the first, without much thought, easy as it goes), talked about his life and preferences a little bit.

Then I contacted another buddy. I was much closer to this guy, because we'd also been to the same primary school together. And he was surprised I knew about him. *Yes! Got that one right at least!* And I guess he did not suspect about me *that's two down folks!*. A walk in the park.

So I'm feeling quite upbeat about all of this. So excited I could hardly sleep. Easy progress, but nice. I'll see where I'll take it from here, but it feels much less lonely already: I have my own little Facebook gaybourhood now.

College town friends will be much harder, with the hard-core closeted guy and all.


Steve said...

Wow, what are the odds, eh? To my knowledge, I haven't heard of any of my friends from any school coming out. I know a few gays at University as acquaintances but none of my more personal friends have yet to come out.

Kinda strange, but very lucky for you, as you now have a bit of a gay network!

Matt-CNS said...

ah, a facebook gaybourhood, sweet. Your very lucky to have found several close friends who you can talk to. I'm happy you felt good enough to tell those two that you also are gay.

Funny that your three closest friends from High School all turned out to be gay,

W said...

You do have good gaydar, Pete.How else could you explain befriending three potential 'omos so early on in your life. JK.

Very happy to hear how things went.

One of my high school acquaintences came out. She is one big fat power lesbian. She scares me.

Pete said...

To be honest, W, I'm counting five out of my seven closest lifetime male friends, four out, one deeply closeted, with a sixth person who's probably at least bicurious...

Sadly, only one of the out guys lives in College Town, and I'm not sure I'd like to have him around in a club.

Better behave yourself around the girl. ;-)

Big Lost Guy said...

Glad to hear it is going so well.I have never been hap[pier myself in years after starting to tell more people.