Friday, 10 August 2007

Step out of the woods

Boy i think you've come home
Open up the door and step inside
So many people who feel the way you do
Your sweetest dreams have always been denied
Lock the past into a box and throw away the key
And leave behind those days of endless night
Everyone is waiting
Everyone is here
Step out of the woods into the light

Everybody loves you here

Boy you've been on the wrong road
Wearing someone else's shoes
Who told you you were not what you were meant to be?
And got you paying someone else's dues?

This is the place for you just look around this room
Is anybody here made out of stone?

Down among the heretics, the losers, and the saints
You are here amongst your own
You've come home

Look at this hole inside your heart
No one can ever fill
It's like the Grand Canyon
Look at this gap that's opened up
Between you and the world
It's like the Grand Canyon
Look at this hole inside your heart
It's like the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon

Everybody loves you here

You've come home

Grand Canyon, by Tracey Thorn. Electro has rarely hit so deep.

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W said...

I am lsitening to here and boy is she good! Thanks for shining the sptolight on her. I'll prolly buy her cd or something.

Ona different tangent. Aabout the clubs you guys have across the pond. I am very envious. Wwhile you guys have warehouses and such we have puny clubs and awful hiphop.
Lucky you.