Friday, 31 August 2007

Don't call a cop "gay"...

...but you might get away with it. Interesting developments in the deranged heads of judges of this country.

1. In town A, gay is not insult, according to a local police court judge. A sexual orientation cannot be insulting, a view I prefer to agree with.

2. In town B, a police court judge argued the opposite: the expression was clearly meant to insult the cop in question, therefore a conviction would be in order.

The remarkable thing is that the cases were almost exactly the same. We don't have a federal structure, so the same law is applicable.

A High Council (the closest thing we have to a supreme court) ruling tends to agree with the judge from B, so on appeal the verdict from A will probably be overturned. And yes, the cop in question is appealing. Makes me wonder if he doesn't have anything better to do.

Then there's another little thing: they now have gay police patrolling the infamous Reguliersdwarsstraat in Amsterdam as a response to the recent epidemic of homophobe beatings. Are we allowed to call them gay?

Still, the idea that a sexual preference is an insult bothers me, but I should regard this in context, I guess.

On the personal front, it looks like we have a date tomorrow night... Not the "dinner and a movie" kind though. ;-)


Jake said...

Much of the criminal justice world is based on intent. That's why punishments differ for seemingly similar crimes and infractions.

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