Sunday, 2 September 2007

Disappointing "date"

So my crush texts me he'll be back from a holiday (what?) on Saturday and probably go to one of the clubs if he's not too tired. I had decided to go anyway, so I'm already there when he texts me that he's on his way.

He walks in, goes straight over to me and it's immediately clear he's had a rough time. Apparently he had met someone back in April and they decided to go on that trip together but he didn't want to tell me about this. The trip was, according to him, a major disappointment. We talk about it a little bit but he's clearly very tired and not overtly interested in small talk.

We talk, I make a move but I get no response. Fine, I understand he might not be in the mood. He tells me I'm obviously trying to move on with my life. Interesting observation. We talk some more and finally I, buzzed as I am, ask him if I can kiss him.


I then tell him I like him. I'm shocked about this myself, so I start blabbering to compensate for my own stupidity.

He says he's had a tough time recently. He's not looking for a relationship (rebound alert!), and makes a few other comments which prove how confused he is about life.

I tell him I understand. Hell, I've been there. After a short, awkward silence he moves off to talk to the lady that sells the drinks tokens. This I read as rejection, but I'm not so sure about that now.

I go back to the dance floor, notice someone is giving me "the look", but my heart's not in it and I decide to call it a night.

I'm not one to give up easily, but this is just a little too much of the mixed signals game. Moving on would probably be easiest, but I recognise he needs a lot of time. I'm bound to bump into him again anyway.

What to do?


Steve said...

That's pretty disappointing for you. He seemed like a sweet sort of guy, kind of together, but I guess he's got his issues too.

You mentioned something about him being on the's probably best that you're not the one he rebounds with, because we all know how well that usually works out...

Still, who knows. See if he gets in touch with you?

Jake said...

Yeah, that would be a rejection. The glass is half full though...there's a bunch of guys with less issues and more raunch to go for.

K said...

We were talking about this the other day, I really think you should lay off least for a while. He has a lot of baggage and drama surround him right now and you really dont need that in your life IMO.