Saturday, 29 September 2007



I see you have some older [there's a huge gap between your age and theirs, do the fucking maths!] gys [sic, gays or guys?] in your friends list [that's because they're FRIENDS], that's why I'm giving it a try! I'm around 60 years old [don't lie to me, 66 is your age], a big [you certainly have a pot belly] strong [fat ain't muscle, you know] bear living 12 km from College Town [this doesn't match your profile] and I want to get to know you! [is the exclamation mark supposed to make me feel special?]

I'm single with a relationship [I love this one], 24 years old but he's not the one [I wonder if I know him]. I live in a village, have my own business [you're drawing a pension, dude] am romantic (cancer), have integrity [haven't seen any sign of that] if you want to mail me with picture [very romantic... NOT], then please do. Chat? Hope to talk to you soon, kisses, J [gross].

PS. Refer to my mail otherwise I don't know who you are [let me guess: you're mailing every younger guy in the entire province, aren't you?]


Sooo-this-is-me said...

Well lucky you Pete! Isn't it good to feel wanted. Hahaha! XD

J.R. said...


Nothing Golden Stays

K said...

These made me LOL

Pete said...

Jealous? Honestly, JR? LOL.