Monday, 3 September 2007

Ghosts - The World is Outside

A guilty pleasure. Happy, danceable, eighties-flavoured pop music. Synths. I'm a sucker for synths.

I had heard this song on the radio at work a lot, but never caught the title or band. Every time it was played the news would come on afterwards. I thought it sounded like Nelly Furtado. I only discovered today the singer is a guy who's perfectly capable of moaning in the same, sexy way.

Then, yesterday, sitting in a gay bar in town, it came on. I just had to know. This was my chance.

So I asked the owner about it and explained about the jinx preventing me from getting this tune. Turns out he had heard it himself on the radio, loved it, and decided he had to add it to the play list, which he normally doesn't do. So I guess with my taste in music I fit right in.

The album's brilliant too. Get it if you can, it makes the sun shine in your head.

I have only just started recovering from taking shots of some filthy green stuff I'm betting was absinthe.

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