Friday, 7 September 2007

Leave Jody Foster alone, fuckers!

So they have opened the pack hunt on Jody Foster. Just great. They're looking for another figurehead, and guess what? Jody ain't biting.

I know she's had a relationship with Cydney Bernard for at least 14 years. Good for her! I know she gives loads to the Trevor Project , a fact that speaks volumes about her kindness. But she has no obligation to come out to the world at large.

Apparently she's "functionally out", meaning friends and family all know. This is the stage us mere mortals only hope to reach sometime in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later. Announcing it to the world in some magazine is probably not on the cards in our case.

For one of my favourite actresses, it can only be different. I know people have curiosities to satisfy, but this is different: it's pressure from people from her own community who should know better and could respect privacy a little more. Mind you, she doesn't deny anything, she just refuses to talk about it. I wonder if it's this little detail that infuriates so many.

Anyway, this little outing hype is making me sick. Malevolent senators are one thing, but don't touch Jody Foster.


K said...

I Love her...she is such a good actress.

I cant wait to see her new movie that is coming looks pretty hardcore.

Steve said...

Well, I was just at the TIFF premier screening...

God I wish!

Seriously a great actress, a solid human being, and I have to give her credit. She always finds new and very dignified way to not talk about it.

Of all the celebs in town right now, she would be the one I want to run into.

J.R. said...

Well put. I can understand the frustration when someone denies it, but she never has... And also, it makes no sense to me when you get such nastiness coming from "our people."

Great actress.

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