Thursday, 6 September 2007

Why don't you ever stop...

A pretty sight I may not be,
not always right but I mean well
Something's wrong so come on and
tell me what it is you need
Don't pick a fight, not in the mood,
it's not the time or the place well
What's got in you? You seem to
make it up to bring me down

And I know you can't let go
but let's make the most of the weekend
You pretend the clock's gone back again,
I'll pretend it's nothing if you just stop

Just stop
Why don't you ever stop?

Yeah, still addicted to the Ghosts album.

I guess I have a date on Saturday. No, not with Crush. I haven't closed that door, but the hurricanes in his mind are a little too much for me. Do keep him away from me though.

I met this guy through the internet, the local queer "listings". Seriously, if you meet someone new in this country, that's what you do: trace him on I didn't want to date through the internet, but Crush encouraged me to register and chat through it. So why not?

My inbox flooded within minutes. So I got to talk to a local boy, one with his own apartment in the centre (check!), close to the strip (double check!), his own business (triple check but requiring double checking) and calling me cute (oh-oh).

He's a little older (double oh-oh), but looks real good (for his age) and I'm winding him around my finger already (I know, Lolita syndrome). But I need that level of control, it wouldn't work any other way.

Technically we only agreed to have a beer together (in my case a Bacardi cola, without a straw, please, I might be gay but am quite capable of drinking from a glass) but he would have liked me to come around last night (hell no) and it will be at Crush's favourite joint, to which I have been enough lately and I have a tab to pay off at another place anyway, so that could be interesting or at least mildly awkward (alcohol will prevent that feeling). And he keeps on sending little... well, almost love notes, wishing me a good day etc.

He has a little bit of the gay self-hatred I sense a lot in my local community (the joint we're going to meet is too queer for his taste but he visits every week) but seems at least educated. Oh yeah, he "isn't looking for anything"... right. I made fun of that search strategy straight away.

I also chatted with a really cute, 22 year old kid of Indonesian descent (so hot), but it makes me kind of feel like a dirty old perv. Even so, he approached me. I'll keep in touch with him anyway: he really is eminently fuckable.


K said...

Why on earth would a 22 year old make you feel like a perv? LOL!

Now if he was 17 or sumthin.....then that would be extremely questionable. Anyways good luck with that new guy!

(Maybe I need to sign up for one of those kinda sites....I wish I wasnt such a pussy)

Matt-CNS said...

I second what K said, why should you feel like a perv for a 22 year old? Enjoy the Rum and Coke.

Steve said...

"My inbox filled within minutes..."

Well lah-de-dah...haha bitter much? Seriously, good for you for getting out there!

Pete said...

Well, I just see too many of the older guys praying on kids like him... I don't want to be like that, but this situation is slightly different anyway.