Monday, 17 September 2007

My weekend

One time didn´t do it
Two times didn´t feel quite right
I didn´t know where I was going
I just knew that I would be alright

I woke up in a drunken haze
The sun shone through my window pane
I said that I´d never do it again
What kind of fool do you think i am?

It happens
It always seems to happen
Morning night and day
I just want some action
Give me satisfaction
Send me to my fate
Morning night and day

New Order - Morning Night and Day

Well, basically it is all one interconnected event. I'm not too proud of some of it but I guess it ended up being OK.

On Friday I hit town as I have been doing for a few weeks. It's still quiet and there's nothing much going on at my base so I hit another place which was more of a bar-like setting. Here I have a few too many drinks and end up talking to a group of friends, just nice, normal guys. One of them looks a little like Daniel Craig and it turns out he's the standard Saturday night DJ. Real cool guy.

Another guy joins the circle, and immediately he starts hitting on me. He's nerdy, nervous and more than a little creepy. I'd seen him before at my base; he was ogling me in the most pathetic "come on over and seduce me way" which I ignore anyway.

It just goes downhill from there. I get more drunk, he gets more creepy. I try to be polite but find no way of shaking him off. He's freaking out the friends too, keeps telling everyone who'll listen that he's 40 years old but looks much younger, closer to thirty, and hey, he was born in 1967. It's true he doesn't look like forty but that doesn't make him attractive. I've had enough, there's no dancing here so to escape I have to leave. I pay my tab but he follows me out the door.

The base is a bit more sexually charged and has a dance floor, so that's where I go. I hope to find a way of getting rid of this guy but by now I'm horrendously sloshed. Dancing does not help; the dance floor is small and he just follows me around, stands behind me at the edge. I'm even dancing to Mika. Boozy logic takes over: surely if I pull someone, he'd get the message?

I start grinding some guy and eventually we kiss. He breaks it off, with the following comment: "you're much too drunk". Hilarious really, and oh so true. I can't even remember what he looks like. All the time, creep is still there, watching. I don't even look at him any more, but he tries to make light conversation again, failing horribly. Leaning over a table a foot or so away I spot someone I know. He's a regular from the other place, a nice-looking guy even though he wears glasses. He notices me and instantly I know there's a way in.

By now, booze, too little to eat, lack of sleep, irritation with the creep and general horniness take over. I can't describe the feeling, but it's closely related to desperation. My facial expression must have been "someone help me out here", because that was what I was feeling. Breaking my own rules, I move in. Creep is still there, behind me.

Things move quickly from here. I can barely stand on my own two feet, but we kiss and grope like mad. He lives close by and we decide to go to his place. He's really into me, I see that already, through my drunken haze. Creep is nowhere to be found (at last).

We have sex and I'm really awful at it. At one point, I interrupt him to throw up in the bathroom, only liquids coming out. He doesn't care; we go on like nothing has happened. He wants me to top him but my coordination is shot and finally I just chuck in the condom and pass out.

On Saturday morning, he gets up way too early to go to work and a birthday party afterwards. We sit on the couch, drinking coffee for a while, talking about life in general. I get dressed and leave, he's adamant about having my number. Within half an hour, he's texting already.

I'll finish the story tomorrow. I'm definitely gonna taking it easier for a while now.


Matt-CNS said...

yeah, so yuck. What is up with creepy guys, that just disturbs me.

However, what is wrong with guy who wear glasses? I actually like the look of a hot guy wearing glasses.

W said...


Imagine I am rolling up the Sunday edition of the New York Times or the Internatioal Herald Tribune and SMACK, THWACK, SMACK, THWACK!!!

Intensely uncomfortable experience,this past weekend eh? I hope you're feeling better now.

K said...

Glasses are hot, trust me. HAHA!

Everyone is allowed to have their own prefs, im just playing with you. But yea, creepy guys need to be taken care of....if u know what I mean.